Folk Choir

Director: Anamaria Cabato

Email: [email protected]

Genre of Music: Contemporary

The Folk Choir began in 1975 originally as a youth choir comprised of St. Rita’s School 7th graders who sang at daily Mass. They were asked by then Father and now Monsignor Francis Pattison to begin singing at the 12:00p.m. Mass. Fr. Joe Carroll joined St. Rita’s Parish staff as Youth Spiritual Director and established the 6:00p.m. Youth Mass on Sunday evenings, moving the Youth Mass from 12:00p.m. to 6:00p.m.

The Youth Choir evolved and has become the Folk Choir Ministry whose mission is to enhance the Eucharistic Celebration through the spiritual enrichment of our members’ faith life in the spirit of sharing, giving and service. The Folk Choir sings a wide range of praise music from choral arrangements with soprano, alto, tenor and bass; to numerous Filipino and Spanish praise songs. No music experience is required to be a part of the choir—but just a strong desire to deepen their spirituality through the treasure of time and talent offered with the Folk Choir.