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Fr. James Altman: You cannot be Catholic & a Democrat. Period.

As the Bishop of Tyler, I endorse Fr. Altman's statement in this video. My shame that it has taken me so long. Thank you Fr. Altman for your COURAGE. If you love Jesus and His Church and this nation, please HEED THIS MISSION. -Bishop J. Strickland, Diocese of Tyler Texas.

Through pain and suffering, the Virgin Mary is always here for us

Coronavirus' global pandemic has brought many of us months of isolation, with lockdowns and quarantines. The changes we are all enduring with this new normal are immense. Many of us are fighting for our lives and fighting to put an end to systematic racism all at the same time. The pain and suffering being experienced all over the country is not to be forgotten.

Celebrate Sunday Mass with Bishop Strickland - 9.13.20

The videos for Sunday Mass will be made available on Sunday morning.

We Remember 9/11 - Let us pray

Today marks 19 years since America awoke in horror to the worst terrorist attacks in history.

From Barriers to Windows: Pope Francis sends powerful message to change the way the world sees migration

Pope Francis has addressed the need for a fundamental change in how the world views migration.

An Anguished Heart

For nearly thirty years I have been joyfully getting up in the early morning hours each weekend to adore and worship our loving Lord.

As Catholic Schools close, more students seek Catholic education online

Catholic schools are closing across the United States, forcing families to make tough choices about how they will educate their children. Some are turning to online solutions like Catholic Online School.

Pope Francis: 'Gossiping is a plague worse than COVID'

Pope Francis implored Catholics Sunday not to gossip about one another's faults, but instead to follow Jesus' directive on fraternal correction in the Gospel of Matthew.

Celebrate Sunday Mass with Bishop Strickland - 9.6.20

Videos for Sunday Mass, in both English and Spanish, will be made available Sunday morning.

10 of Mother Teresa's Most Memorable Quotes

Mother Teresa set out to change the world and her life has inspired many.