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How Montana Ranch and Cattle Improves Animal Welfare

Beef is our business, so animal welfare is important to us. Our family has over 180 years of ranching experience. We know pasture-raised beef is best. Visit the Montana Ranch and Cattle Company

How many saints are there?

How many Catholic saints are there? The answer may surprise you.

Catholic schools, and the Church are going extinct in America, and the blame is found within

In the mid-1960s, twelve out of 100 schoolchildren in the United States attended a Catholic school. Even if you were not Catholic, chances are you knew multiple peers who attended Catholic school. Today, the numbers tell a grisly tale of collapse, under the triple threats of cost, scandal, and apathy. But there's more to this story than they're telling you. Here's the real answer why our Catholic school system collapsing and what can we do to reverse this trend.

Mel Gibson says the Church needs housecleaning. Do you agree?

Actor, director, and devout Catholic, Mel Gibson, says the Church needs "housecleaning," referring to decades of scandals that have undermined the Church's credibility in the eyes of some.

Divine Mercy Sunday - Healing the Wounds of Our Disbelief

I suggest that Thomas was not a doubter, rather he was a believer. And he is a model for all of us at every Eucharist which is always the Feast of Mercy. His doubts healed the wounds of our own disbelief. They also open - for all who look with the eyes of faith - a deeper understanding of the redemptive effect of the wounds of Jesus - and the role our own wounds can have in our continuing call to conversion as we join them to His. Thomas the doubter became the Thomas the model believer, ...

How do I know if I have a guardian angel?

Do I have a guardian angel? It's a question asked by many people, who often assume these angels are assigned to protect children. The Church has a teaching on this question, and you may be surprised at the answer. Read on to find your answer and to see how you can learn more about guardian angels and more from Catholic Online School.

Scholars discover place where God gave Moses the Ten Commandments

Ask a room full of Biblical scholars to pinpoint the location where God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, and you will get an array of answers. The fact is, nobody is really sure. Except some scholars now think they have found the location, and they believe it's beyond dispute. The found the site by doing one thing differently from their predecessors.

Every Catholic, young or old, must perform this duty

To be Catholic is more than just being a member of the Church established by Jesus Christ. Catholic is more than a noun, it is also a verb.