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Celebrate Sunday Mass - The Feast of Christ the King - 11.22.20

The videos for Sunday Mass will be available to view on Sunday morning.

Congregation for the Clergy: Why We Celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King of the Universe

The Solemnity was initiated so that all the sons of the Church would be instructed, and their faithfulness sustained, by Catholic realism that recognizes that the eternal Word of the Father is the foundation of all things.

Catholic scholars argue for executive order to protect unborn children under the Constitution

With just two months left in Donald Trump's presidency, some pro-life intellectuals are calling for an executive order that offers legal protection for the unborn.

No, you don't want socialism. You want justice.

A genuine problem in America is the lack of education, especially on the topics of politics and economics. The result is a widespread condition of ignorance where most people duel over words whose meanings they misunderstand.

'A heart open to God's will': Mary can teach us all how to pray fully

Pope Francis pointed to the Blessed Virgin Mary as a model of prayer that transforms restlessness into openness to God's will in his livestreamed general audience address Wednesday.

Bishop Strickland's Address to Every Man, Woman, and Child in His Flock

Bishop Strickland's Address is available to download as a PDF here.

Locked Down for Thanksgiving? What should Catholics do?

With COVID cases on the rise and ICUs being overwhelmed, lockdowns are returning. And in the USA, these loathed restrictions are coming back just as the holiday season begins. Thanksgiving celebrations are likely to be much smaller, yet some are planning to gather in defiance of public orders they feel are inappropriate. As Catholics, how should we respond? Here is my opinion.

Government restrictions on religion hit new high, even before COVID

Government restrictions on religion are at their highest since tracking began in 2007, the Pew Research Center has said in its new report, finding that 56 countries reached "high" or "very high" levels of restrictions on religion in 2018.

After elections, what next? Let the Gospel lead the way!

Not only is the United States a divided country, but the Catholic Church in the U.S. is as divided as the nation. And the presidential election drove home that point.

Celebrate Sunday Mass - 11.15.20

The video for Sunday Mass will be available to view on Sunday morning.