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Fr. Frank Pavone responds to Catholics for Choice

Catholics for Choice, an organization that is in no way Catholic and is certainly not sanctioned by the Catholic Church, has taken offense at my recent opinion piece in The Hill that concerned one of the briefs filed in the U.S. Supreme Court's Louisiana abortion case June Medical Services vs. Russo.

Celebrate Sunday Mass With Bishop Strickland - Palm Sunday - 4.5.20

Dear Catholic Online Community and Catholic Online School students.

Palm Sunday: We have been saved by his cross

Jesus was the first target of "fake news" spread by those who wanted spin and twist his message for their own benefit, Pope Francis said Palm Sunday, but stressed that despite the pride and skepticism of some, nothing can dampen the joy of Christ's message or his Resurrection.

Palm Sunday: Coming Face to Face with Jesus

When we encounter Jesus and the Gospel, we immediately sense that we are dealing with something that is not of this world. To be a Christian is not the same as being a member of an organization. When we join an organization, we make a commitment to the goals and objectives of the organization, but we still have our own private lives that we live outside of the meetings and activities of the organization.

Facing Palm Sunday With Dread and Joyful Anticipation

In a crazy world, a holy time like Lent can zip by like the rest of the year. Author Alex Basile ponders if he is ready for the most sacred time in the Liturgical Year.

Where do the palms for Palm Sunday come from?

With Palm Sunday right around the corner, Catholics across the globe will soon be handed leaves as they walk into church. Some might fold them into elaborate little crosses. Kids will poke each other with them. But it's safe to say most won't know where they came from.

Coronavirus, Crucifixion, Resurrection

The coronavirus is not a punishment from God.

Can I confess my sins by phone or online?

The coronavirus pandemic has forced Catholic parishes to close around the world for the safety of parishioners. This is making it difficult for many to access the sacraments, including the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Many are asking why can't this sacrament be obtained over the phone or internet?

Mother Teresa MUST INSPIRE us during Coronavirus crisis

Mother Teresa is forever remembered for her humble ministry to lepers, the homeless and the poorest of the poor. During the Coronavirus pandemic, Pope Francis has called on Catholics to seek Mother Teresa's example as an inspiration in helping those who are suffering during this crisis.

The Church is made for you and me, and times like these

Catholic parishes may be closed around the world, but that does not mean God's grace has stopped. Rather, we are the Church, and God's grace can flow through us as we help one another in difficult times. Indeed, the Church was born in difficult times, and it is well-made for them.